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USPRE Week 2024

USPRE Week 2024

Event Report

USPRE Week 2024

2024-01-23 • 2024-01-28

In the era predating the dominance of cars, horse-drawn carriages epitomized transportation. Ranging from elegant coaches to sturdy wagons, these carriages relied on the power and grace of horses for mobility. The number of horses hitched to a carriage often signified its capacity and speed, a measure reminiscent of the horsepower metric still used today in automobile engines. These equine companions were not merely engines but symbols of status and style, with some breeds, like the majestic P.R.E. Horses, revered for their beauty and strength.

As technology evolved, the emergence of early automobiles marked a significant shift in transportation. However, remnants of the horse-drawn era lingered in the design and terminology of these classic cars. Phrases like "horsepower" persisted as a measure of engine strength, paying homage to the bygone era when the power of transportation was synonymous with the number of horses harnessed to a carriage.

The transition from equine to engine power represents a pivotal shift in human history, marking the end of an era characterized by the rhythmic “clip-clop” of hooves on cobblestone streets and the dawn of a new age driven by the roar of engines and the allure of speed. Yet, the elegance and nostalgia associated with vintage cars and classic horse breeds continue to captivate enthusiasts, preserving a timeless connection between these two icons of mobility from different epochs.

This year’s USPRE theme is "Classic Cars and Classic Horses," and we have special acts planned. It will be the perfect tribute to the Spanish horse and vintage cars. The 2024 USPRE Week itinerary is full of exciting events featuring Juan Manuel Muñoz, Javier Ruiz, Ignacio Candau, Rafael Lemos, and ANCCE representatives, among others.

The annual celebration of the PRE horse will be held from January 23 to 28, 2024, in Wellington, Florida, and includes an exciting and full calendar of events: Member Reception, Two-day Clinic with Olympic rider Juan Manuel Muñoz, Classical Seminar about the Development of the Young Horse with Spanish rider Javier Ruiz, New guidelines of Morphology rules with the well-known breeder Ignacio Candau, Photography seminar through the eyes of prestigious Rafael Lemos, Round table focusing on the strength and power of Amateurs with PRE in the dressage circuit, Annual member dinner with the Years awards announcement and more.

Plan now to come and celebrate our horse with all of Wellington and many of your friends from around the country. Fly into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) or West Palm Beach (PBI) airports and stay in one of our many local hotels.

Enjoy our warm South Florida weather, meet Spanish officials, dressage celebrities, and fellow members, and, in between our planned events, visit some beautiful local communities, take a dip in the ocean, visit historic Palm Beach, stroll on Worth Avenue, or shop till you drop for all things Equestrian at the Winter Equestrian Festival jumping show.

For more information, please feel free to call the office. See you soon in Wellington!

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