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Membership benefit

Membership Benefits
When you join the United States P.R.E. Association (USPRE), you sign up to an equestrian organization and interactive community that celebrates and promotes the Pure Spanish Horse and which is dedicated to providing members with comprehensive P.R.E. programs and services. As a Member, you’ll benefit from programs like the following:

General Membership Meetings:

USPRE offers an Annual Meeting every spring, which has been held historically in Florida or California. Annual meetings give members a chance to hear an annual report from the Board of Directors, exchange ideas and discuss programs, events and matters relating to the conservation of the P.R.E. heritage. Year-End Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting. Per the Bylaws of USPRE, members vote on matters pertaining to programs and direction of the organization, including heads of committees, structural changes, new programs, etc.Member and Performance Awards:
USPRE organizes Members Awards and year-end Dressage performance winners are recognized at all levels inclusive of a high point award. The award program includes:

  • Horse & Rider Of The Year
  • Breeder Of The Year
  • Equestrian Award Of The Year
  • USDF All Breeds
  • Exhibition Award
  • Member Of The Year

Dressage Programs:
Members are invited to participate in the highly popular USPRE High Point Dressage Challenge and the USPRE All Breeds program through the United States Dressage Federation at no cost.

Studbook Services Discount:
Members receive discounts on studbook services for changes of ownership, inscriptions and revisions.

Membership Eligibility:
All persons interested in Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.) horses are eligible for membership.

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USPRE Membership card


USPRE Membership card

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