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Fiesta Ocala 2024

Fiesta Ocala 2024

Fiesta Ocala 2024

2024-10-17 • 2024-10-20

Iberian Horse Showcase is proud to host FIESTA OCALA, the East Coast's first ANCCE-rated PRE Morphology Competition in over 10 years! Beautiful World Equestrian Center will be the location for the show, with its spacious air-conditioned barns, luxury accommodations, restaurants, shopping and more! The show will be held during the Iberian Horse Showcase which also features many other events and attractions, including a Kick-Off Gala, special exhibitions, a dressage show, a trade and shopping extravaganza and more!

VIPs from ANCCE and the studbook, as well as representatives from USPRE, will be in attendance. A preliminary list of Headliners for the Master Classes will include Daniel Martin Dockx, Juan Manuel Muñoz, Javier Ruiz Garrido, and Ignacio Candau. 

Classes are for registered PREs only, and will feature mares, stallions and functionality. All results will be ranked among those of the competitions on the West Coast, Mexico, Latin America, Europe and Spain. 

Make your reservations now at either the Equestrian Hotel or the Riding Academy Hotel, special rates for the Iberian Horse Showcase. For more information, including RV reservations, see https://worldequestriancenter.com/ocala-fl/visit/stay/

Prizelist to be forthcoming.

Registration for Fiesta Ocala will open on 1 August 

Sponsored by Hampton Green Farm