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The Iberian Showcase Weekend


Last weekend, from October 19-22, the Iberian showcase in Ocala, Florida, offered an unforgettable experience for Iberian horse lovers.

The event featured special activities for horse owners, riders, breeders, and aficionados of Spanish and Portuguese breeds during the WEC National Dressage Competition.

The Iberian Showcase began on Friday afternoon with a delightful cocktail reception for exhibitors. USPRE was present, providing valuable information about the breed, membership opportunities, and insights into our diverse programs and upcoming events.

In a historic moment, the four American associations representing Iberian breeds came together to exchange ideas: United States PRE Association, Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club, United States Lusitano Association, and International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association.

Tanya Duffey, USPRE's Executive Director, perfectly encapsulated the experience by stating, "An Unforgettable Weekend: Celebrating the Beauty of Iberian Horses. This gathering served as a significant moment, placing a shared passion for Iberian horses at the forefront and nurturing a sense of togetherness and innovative thinking that will undoubtedly influence the future of these remarkable breeds. The event was a true celebration of the grace and power of these magnificent horses.”

Ibericon's show surpassed all expectations and was a resounding success. The audience was captivated as 1,200 Iberian enthusiasts filled the seats for a two-hour extravaganza. The evening featured 13 different acts, each showcasing the beauty, strength, and majesty of Iberian Horses. It was a stunning display of several exhibitions, where once again the Iberian horse was the sole protagonist. Iberian horse lovers and passionate equestrians were mesmerized by the majesty of their silhouette, their robust, outstanding beauty, and their flowing mane.

A grand total of 15 Iberian horses graced the centerline at the Iberian showcase representing different levels including 5 years, 6 years, Small Tour, and Large Tour.