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Ariana Chia and Guateque IV

Pablo Gómez and Ulises de Ymas


Iberian Equestrian Triumph: Guateque IV and Ulises de Ymas shine during AGDF10


In the highly anticipated week of competition at the 5* event in Wellington, the spotlight shone brightly on three impressive victories by Purebred Spanish (P.R.E.) horses, leaving an indelible mark on the celebrated show.

The excitement kicked off with Pablo Gómez and Ulises de Ymas, a striking duo who secured third place in the CDI5* Grand Prix with a commendable score of 70.065%. Demonstrating consistency and excellence, they further solidified their performance with a fourth-place finish at the Freestyle, achieving an impressive 73.625%.

Continuing the streak of triumphs, the talented pair of Ariana Chia and the US-bred Guateque IV, made their mark at CDI3*. Amongst thirty-two seasoned combinations, they claimed the third position with a notable score of 69.022%. Their success didn't end there, as they secured a silver position in the Grand Prix Special, achieving an impressive 69.340%.

These remarkable victories underscore the deep passion and dedication of both national and international breeders towards the P.R.E. breed. They also signify a significant milestone in the history of P.R.E. dressage in the United States, showcasing the breed's potential at the highest levels of competition.

The equation of well-bred, well-trained, and well-ridden Iberian horses has proven to be a winning formula, enabling them to excel in any arena and against any competition. These victories serve as a testament to the prowess of P.R.E. horses and the bright future they hold in the world of dressage.