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Tina Cook with Carbonero XCVI

Haden Kane and Havana CDF

John Zopatti and Kimayaz


2023 North Carolina USPRE High Point Series


2023 was another exciting year for the NC USPRE High Point Series. The Series was comprised of 6 shows from the Central and Western portions of the state.

There were returning winners and new faces. John Zopatti with Kimyaz (4th 1 – 71.1), and Tina Cook with Carbonero XCVI (4th 1 – 69.7) were the open and amateur winners once again at Dressage in the Sandhills.
The same weekend Madeline Sheeran with Cien Fuegos CDF (22nd 1 – 67.0) took home the amateur prize at Raleigh Spring Dressage. Hayden Kane with Havana CDF (Tr 1 69.4, Tr1 – 64.8) was the Jr winner at Tryon I & II. We had many more PREs in the NC show rings in 2023 and expect to see as many if not more in 2024. Thanks to all for another fun season!