Who We Are

clientuploads/content images/bob_2481.jpgThe purpose of the USPRE Association shall be to:

  1. Celebrate and promote the versatility of the Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.);
  2. Foster the growth of the P.R.E. community in the United States;
  3. Advance among its members and to the public a better understanding of P.R.E. horsemanship with emphasis on Dressage;
  4. Recognize and honor the achievements of our P.R.E. Exhibitors and Riders;
  5. Advocate good sportsmanship among USPRE members, friends and other organizations;
  6. Sponsor competitions and other activities for the purpose of furthering the art of P.R.E dressage and other educational activities at the local, state and national levels;
  7. Organize public P.R.E. exhibitions, seminars and clinics;
  8. Maintain cordial relations with the Spanish P.R.E Stud Book as managed by its regulating authority in Spain;
  9. Uphold and adhere to the regulations of the Spanish P.R.E. Stud Book;
  10. Provide guidance, assistance and support to all member Breeders with Spanish P.R.E. Stud Book matters.

The United States PRE association (USPRE) is legally constituted as a not-for-profit organization whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public interest. Governed by a Board of Directors not compensated for its services, USPRE benefits from the guidance of its board members and officers who represent the equestrian and professional communities.


  • Kimberly Van Kampen, President
  • Miguel Nunez, Vice President
  • Janne Rumbough,  Vice President

Executive Director:

  • Tanya Duffey

Board of Directors:

  • Janne Rumbough
  • Jesus Jimenez
  • Betsy Ketcham
  • Mary Magee
  • Miguel Nunez
  • Dr. Jane Bistline
  • Kimberly Van Kampen
  • Dr. Ariel Martinez
  • Tom Reed
  • Debra Cooper Phelon

Honorary Board:

  • Victor Alvarez
  • Jan Brons
  • Javier Conde Cerrato
  • Dr. Hillary Clayton
  • Kathy Connelly
  • Robert Dover
  • James Gilchrist
  • Lendon Gray
  • Mikala Gunderson
  • Dr. Timothy Ober
  • Mary Phelps
  • Martin Schaudt
Management Committee:

  • Betsy Ketcham
  • Miguel Nunez
  • Kimberly Van Kampen

Dressage Committee:

  • Janne Rumbough, Chair
  • Erin Lohec
  • Jacqueline Cuddy
  • Belinda Nairn
  • Tina Lovazzano

El Caballo Magazine Liaison:

  • Tanya Duffey

LG Studbook Coordinator:

  • Virginia Sabater

ANCCE Representative:

  • Miguel Nunez

Audit Committee:

  • Barron & Kogan, C.P.A.

Legal Counsel:

  • Varnum Law, LLP