Recent News

ANCCE moved to change the dates of the International PRE Trade Fair—SICAB 2020—to the month of October.

This message is to inform you that, due to travel restrictions, the revisions scheduled to begin on October 6, 2020 in South California are now scheduled to start on October 26, 2020.

To clarify the requirements for upcoming revisions, please know that breeders who submitted their request and payment for the 2020 Spring/Fall Revisions prior to the deadlines will be included.

United States PRE Association is pleased to announce the 2020 revision sites and schedule for the State of California.

To the USDF Members and US Dressage Finals Competitors, Volunteers, Sponsors, Vendors, and Supporters,

At the premises of Lamplight Equestrian Center, hosting 175 combinations, the fourteenth national championship for the 2020 US Dressage Festival of Champions was held August 18th through the 23rd. 

Like many other groups, United States PRE Association is closely following guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other local and national health organizations.

ANCCE, the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association, in keeping with its commitment towards PRE Breeders and the city of Sevilla, has decided to hold the 30th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair

The ANCCE executive bodies have made an important decision regarding the 2020 competition calendar, which has been significantly altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain.