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Record Inscription & Revision Turnout

The USPRE Breeder’s Committee is pleased to report that it has successfully compiled, completed and submitted the Inscription & Revision documentation to ANCCE-LG in Spain for a record breaking 700 horses in California and the state of Washington. The ANCCE-LG delegates will arrive in Los Angeles on February 11th 2008 to undertake the Inscription and

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2008 Qualified Tribunals

2008 TRIBUNALS FOR QUALIFIED BREEDING STOCK Please be informed that all those who are interested in requesting a TQB (Tribunal for Qualified Breeding Stock) in 2008 must send the request to the ANCCE Competition Department, who will study the request and prepare the 2008 TQB calendar. Kind Regards, Jacobo Rojo Director de Competición y Concursos

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2008 President’s Message

Dear USPRE Members: On January 26th 2008, the Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse announced that it was inaugurating a new breed Registry founded upon PRE horses in America and “worldwide”. This follows their December 10th 2007 announcement that the Foundation would no longer be associated with ANCCE, the Spanish

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California/Washington Inscription & Revision Services in February 2008

ANCCE-LG wishes to notify California and Washington State Breeders of the Pure Spanish Horse that it will be conducting Inscription and Revision services in California and the state of Washington between February 11th and February 23rd 2008. The ANCCE delegation, headed by Dr. Arancha Rodriguez, will be providing LG services in two central locations. For

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At the encouragement of the ANCCE President, Javier Conde, the USPRE Breeder”s Committee has recently been in direct communication with the Past Officers of FAB-PRE with a view to facilitate the delivery of Cartas (Passports) issued in late 2007 by the Cria Caballar and shipped to FAB-PRE. Although the FAB-PRE Liason has made efforts to

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