Teia Hernández: “Going to the World Championships is a dream. Romero de Trujillo has never ceased to surprise us”

Text and photos by Lily Forado

The name Romero de Trujillo is not just a name. It is the jewel in the crown of the American breeder, Yeguada Trujillo. Bred by José Franco Sánchez, Romero de Trujillo was the spearhead of an avalanche of successes at SICAB 2015 that would continue endlessly.

Combining its outings in the dressage and morphological circuit, the anchor and engine of  Yeguada Trujillo, Romero de Trujillo is a diamond that has never stopped shining. In the years since, Yeguada Trujillo’s showcases have been filled with ribbons, creating a unique and extraordinary sporting record. As World Champion and World Champion in Functionality, he said goodbye to his great morphological sports career at SICAB 2019.

As morphological champion, Romero de Trujillo has been climbing through the different levels of Dressage at a parallel level, highlighting his participation in the World Championship of Young Horses in 2018 (Seven-year-olds) in Ermelo. In April 2020, he broke the ice at the Grand Prix level, and at the end of 2021, he was proclaimed SICAB champion at the level with stellar averages. After his debut a year and a half ago, he has made meteoric progress. In a few days, he will represent the Spanish team at the Dressage World Championships in Herning.

Today we chat openly with Teia Hernández who explains her beginnings with Romero de Trujillo. Their journey, as the Americans say, is worth a book. Their story is a clear example that, with work, effort, and perseverance, the results come.

A few weeks ago, you were told that you were part of the Spanish quartet for Herning. How did you react?
Well, very excited, I burst into tears, and we went to celebrate with my family!

What does it mean for you to attend this event with a PRE?
Going to a WEG is a dream, it is something that very recently seemed unattainable … the fact of representing Spain with a PRE, logically excites me doubly, because for a long time I have supported our breed.

For a decade, the Spanish team has not had three P.R.E.s. As the great advocate of the P.R.E that you are, what do you think about it?
I think that the PRE is living a very good moment at a sporting level, there are many people doing things better and better and it is being noticed in the results of all categories, from the youngest to GP.

The fact that we have 3 PRE horses in the team is nothing more than the result of the work that is being done, and I cannot think of a better way to represent our country.

The list of P.R.E.s that have shone in the international arenas is formed by Evento, Invasor, Fuego de Cardenas, Norte Lovera and Grandioso among others. Now Romero de Trujillo joins this distinguished list. Since the beginning of 2015, you have been together. How do you assess your evolution in Dressage?

Getting on this list is pretty overwhelming… Romero de Trujillo has never ceased to surprise us, each step has been forward and according to the possibilities we had at that time, he has always accepted the increase in difficulty and the pressure required to climb levels.

Herning will be your first experience representing the colors of the Spanish flag in an event of such magnitude, what does it mean to you?
Emotion, responsibility, concentration… the memory of all those videotapes cannot be taken out of my head… Aachen, Rome, Jerez… that time and time again I have seen, and I still do not get the idea that I am going to be part of such an event.

Romero de Trujillo is the great flagship of the American Yeguada, Yeguada Trujillo. What would you highlight about its great stage in the morphology circuit?
Romero de Trujillo has managed to be two times World Champion in Sicab (2015 – 2019) and also as an Absolute Champion of functionality… there is no title more important than this in terms of morphological circuit, so little else I can add.

From morphology to being part of the Spanish team for Herning 2022.  Did you ever imagine this?
It’s not something you keep in mind every day, it’s a long-time evolution. The morphology does not exclude dressage or sport, I think that well done can be combined, and we are a good example. Logically it is not the most usual, but Romero de Trujillo has shown enough quality to face great challenges, and this will be another one, the biggest of course.

Romero de Trujillo has a huge following in the United States, almost like a fan club. What is it about Romero de Trujillo that makes him so special?
He is a horse with a lot of personalities, has charisma and likes to show off, grows with the public, and at the same time transmits serenity and ease.
It is also a real PRE, “racial” wherever you look at it, and in the US, it has a lot of offspring.

Herning is going to be a very important appointment. The top six teams will get the ticket to the Olympics. How does Spain face this great event?
Nothing is impossible, we have a great challenge, but we are all very focused and the team is strong, we are very motivated.

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