USPRE High Point Series

We are proud to announce our High Point Winners at the IDCTA Dressage Show, ERAHC, and Pinehurst Fall Dressage Show.

Martha Pieper & Delfin XXXIX

Douglas Shetler & OS Coco

Shanda King & Viviano HPF

Martha Pieper and Delfin XXXIX won at the IDCTA (Illinois Dressage and Combined Training Association) Summer Kickoff Dressage Show – 68.286% in the first level test 2.  The duo also won at the IDCTA Summer Dressage Show with a score of 69.857% in the first level test 2.

Douglas Shetler and OS Coco won at ERAHC – Fourth Level: 68.205%

Shanda King and Viviano HPF won  2nd Level Test 2 – 63.65% at Pinehurst Fall Dressage.

Your success is well deserved!

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