Important Announcement: 2021 Revisions

Please be aware that the current Revision schedule was approved by LG ANCCE today, as they are currently challenged by the pandemic in Spain and are not permitted to send Spanish citizens to the US or Canada. Fortunately, an approved ANCCE representative is currently in the US and is available to provide the needed services.

We have received an overwhelming response to revise our horses this summer. More than 700 revision requests, or three times the average, are in the process of being scheduled over the next several weeks. We ask that you please be patient with the veterinarian and the USPRE office as we work through pandemic restrictions and the volume of revisions.

Revisions will begin Monday, June 21, 2021, in South and North Carolina and Maryland. Currently, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas will begin July 8, 2021. Michigan, New York, and Florida will begin on August 8, 2021. All planned and approved breeders were notified of their acceptance to this revision and will receive an updated schedule shortly, indicating the exact date of their revision.

USPRE is diligently working to provide schedules for California, which is tentatively planned for mid to late August.


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