North Carolina USPRE High Point Series

Written by Nancy Love

Dressage in the Sandhills was the second NC USPRE High Point Series show May 7-9th in Pinehurst NC.  Scary storms on Friday didn’t keep our riders from putting in fantastic rides every day.
There were 4 horses eligible in 3 divisions. We had a trainer and her student bring home the awards.  Stacey Hastings and her 2014 stallion of approximately one year, Hermes BRH won 2 of 3 3rd level classes and placed second in the final class.  70.0% was the high score for this exciting pair. Hermes BRH is an import bred by Enrique Benito of BRH stud.

Stacey’s student, Tina Cook and her 2013 stallion Carbonero XCVI swept all of her 3rd level classes. In addition to the USPRE high point award, Tina won the AA challenge and AA 3rd level high score. A 69.75% high score put her very close to her trainer. Carbonero XCVI was bred here in the US by Miguel Coves of Coves Darden Farm.  Congratulations to Stacey, Tina, and the breeders of these competitive horses.

Tina Cook and Carbonero XCVI

Stacey Hastings and Hermes BRH

Tina Cook & Stacey Hastings

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