New Purebred Spanish Horse Video

ANCCE launches a new PRE promotional video in three languages to exalt Purebred Spanish Horse qualities

The 6-minute video briefly reviews PRE history, the role of ANCCE, the PRE Stud Book office, the breeding stock categories and the International PRE Trade Fair (SICAB).

This project has been undertaken within the framework of the Grupo Operativo EXPORTGEN (group) to “create a marketing and export structure for genetic material.” Coordinated by FEAGAS (Spanish Federation of Select Livestock Associations), this project enjoys the participation of three native breed associations in Spain, including ANCCE.

The video will be distributed through all ANCCE communication channels. We hope it sparks further interest in Purebred Spanish Horses as a breed to entice new enthusiasts.

[VIDEO] Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE)

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