Changes to Studbook Service Fees

In January, the Board of Directors approved the following changes to studbook service fees, effective March 1, 2018:

  • All existing USPRE members will continue paying the current studbook service fees.
  • Non-USPRE members will incur a surcharge for the following studbook services:
Service Code Price
Service 103 – Inscription $250
Service 127 – Late Inscription $550
Service 206 – Revision $270
Service 619 – Change of Ownership $200
  • The fee of $14.95 for shipping and handling for each studbook service does not change.

Members of USPRE have many benefits, including our highly popular dressage and morphological competition and awards programs, free access to USPRE-hosted clinics, seminars and receptions hosted around the country and at the annual SICAB convention in Spain.

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