Changes to the Structure and Procedure of USPRE Memberships

In January, the Board of Directors approved the following changes to USPRE Memberships, effective 1 January 2018:

—All NEW Memberships going forward will be Voting Memberships, with a single Membership Initiation Fee of $200.00. Voting on issues throughout the year will now be conducted online with the launch of the new website at the end of this year.

—All EXISTING Members will be invoiced for Dues in January of each year, at the rate of $100.00 per year.  Memberships that go into arrears will be charged the following year for the full amount due. Payments of dues may be made online or by check.

Going forward, there will be no need to “renew” on an annual basis. Members who wish to rescind their membership must do so in writing to the USPRE office.

Members of USPRE have many benefits, including our highly popular dressage and morphological competition and awards programs, free access to USPRE-hosted clinics, seminars and receptions hosted around the country and at the annual SICAB convention in Spain.

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