SICAB Radio: via streaming and podcasts


For the first time, SICAB Radio will broadcast from the International PRE Trade Fair via streaming and podcasts produced by a specialized team 

ANCCE is reinforcing the importance of new technologies for news coverage during the upcoming edition of SICAB, the International PRE Trade Fair, by incorporating its own online radio for the very first time: SICAB Radio

This media will broadcast specific programs daily via streaming.  It will also offer podcasts produced by a specialized and professional team. SICAB Radio is but
one of the innovations at this 27th edition to be held
at the FIBES Fairgrounds (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos) in Sevilla from the 14th to the 19th of November, 2017.

Thanks to this new online news experience, ANCCE and Ingevents seek to surpass the 170,000 download mark or streaming listeners during SICAB and to have 550,000 inter-annual downloads between this edition of SICAB and the next in 2018.

SICAB Radio promoters have pointed out the changes seen in radio consumption habits as the main factor behind the birth of the media.  “Online radio is shifting traditional audiences from the conventional antenna to the Internet.” It is a reality that is also associated “to the versatility that allows users to listen to the radio on their smartphones.”

This initiative stems from an agreement between Ingevents and ANCCE. José Juan Morales, Vice-president of ANCCE explains that “it falls within the scope of a strategy to “incorporate novel communication formats that also have a global vocation, as is the case with SICAB TV.” The team launching SICAB Radio is led by journalist Óscar Gómez, who is responsible for communications at Ingevents.


Specialized Programming
To undertake is news effort, SICAB Radio will count on a wide range of technical equipment.  The radio set will be located in the main dome at FIBES, thus making it the main studio.

In terms of specific broadcasts, the programming is articulated around a live, three-hour magazine that is broadcast daily, while SICAB is being held.  Moreover, all conformation and dressage competitions will be broadcast, for which Ingevents counts on the collaboration of distinguished professionals in the sector to narrate these events.

Professional presentations, conferences and course offered during SICAB will also be covered and presented as podcasts under the title of SICAB Campus. With this, SICAB Radio seeks to create timeless contents to create on-demand radio productions for listeners interested in equine and equestrian news.

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