ANCCE signs a collaboration agreement with (UNAET)

Today, ANCCE and UNAET (acronym in Spanish for National Union of Working Equitation Associations) signed a collaboration agreement that will jointly promote the participation of Purebred Spanish Horses in this equestrian discipline. Working Equitation is based on a combination of skills including dressage, maneuverability, speed and separating cattle.

This discipline is very attractive for both a general and specialized audience. Currently practiced in 19 countries, it is a field where Purebred Spanish Horses are in a position to play a role thanks to their natural traits, willingness to work, emotional stability, sense of responsibility and obedience.

The agreement, signed by the corresponding Presidents—David Moreno for UNAET and Juan Tirado for ANCCE—is a joint effort to promote both the PRE as a breed and Working Equitation as a discipline within the ANCCE sports program. Thanks to this agreement, PRE horses will continue working to earn a position within the scope of a very interesting national and international market due to its volume. Likewise, within a few years, Working Equitation will have its own ANCCE Cup with the corresponding qualifier rounds for the Grand Final at SICAB.

For now, and as a result of this agreement, there will be a number of demonstrations at the 2017 International Purebred Spanish Trade Fair (SICAB 2017) on the 17 th , 18 th , and 19 th of November.

Source — ANCCE — 27/09/2017

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