45th ANCCE General Assembly


45th ANCCE General Assembly

Juan Tirado: “our most absolute priority is to continue prioritizing ANCCE breeder members. We will continue to work for them.”

For the first time, ANCCE chose the province of Badajoz as the venue for its annual breeder encounter. 
The General Assembly appointed breeder and former ANCCE President Javier Conde Cerrato as 2017 Honorary Member.
Yesterday, the 45th National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association (ANCCE) General Assembly was held in Badajoz. The event coincided with ECUEXTRE, the Horse and Fighting Bull Trade Fair.  Among the many points on the agenda were to ratify the 2016 accounts, the 2017 budget (which surpasses 3.5 million euros) and agreements adopted by the Board of Directors.

In his report, the President of ANCCE, Juan Tirado, stressed the importance of prioritizing Purebred Spanish Horse breeders who are members of ANCCE. “We continue to work for them and for ANCCE, which for years have been the true benefactor of the sector, and now we must place the focus on those who really sustain our social structures with their personal efforts and wealth.”

The Association is making painstaking efforts to maintain the services while creating new ones that benefit full-fledged members of ANCCE, but without generating loses. Such endeavors include economic backing for those practicing sports with PRE horses and new tests within the coverage of the Young Horse Selection Tests with reduced participation fees.

Currently, ANCCE is focusing its efforts towards promoting PRE horses, both in Spain and abroad to position ANCCE, Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE) and SICAB as brands offered by Marca España.

Regarding the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE)—this year, ANCCE celebrates a decade of handling the book—Tirado described the determinations of his predecessors who with their teams constituted and established the bases for the Stud Book. Today, those efforts have made the PRE Stud Book a world-class reference. He expressed his appreciation and rendered tribute to all those involved in the development and consolidation of the Stud Book, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Cría Caballar (Military Breeding Office), breeders in the various Stud Book Commission, veterinarians, employees and in general, all those who at any given moment, way, shape or form have helped ANCCE to celebrate its first decade handling the PRE Stud Book.

Lastly, the 2017 Honorary Member was granted to Javier Conde Cerrato. He is a breeder from Extremadura, owner of Yeguada Rafael Conde, former President of ANCCE and the current Vice-President of the PRE Stud Book Commission.


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