The ANCCE Competition App incorporates web-format Dressage results and rankings


Recently, This month, the official ANCCE Competition Application for handheld devices offers a new update that includes several novelties. Among these, and the most outstanding is the Dressage results and ranking that is now available in web format. This, in turn, provides users with an improved display and data management. For now, competitions held in 2017 offer this format; work is being carried out to substitute the PDF results from previous years.


This update has allowed existing Dressage and Conformation data to be combined with other results, classifications and scores for a given horse and all in one step.  Likewise, all horses participating in Dressage are linked to the horse’s official family tree.


The App has been success since it was implemented in 2015.  It is easy and user-friendly with downloads coming from 8,778 users in 114 countries.  That translates into 833,447 accesses! All in all, 3,231,000 web sites have been visited, with an average of six minutes spent on each. This certifies that the ANCCE App is a favorite among Purebred Spanish Horse breeders to follow Conformation Competitions online, consult ANCCE Cup results for Dressage, Rules & Regulations, videos, photos, genealogic data, search for historic competitions, etc. 


Lastly, remember that you can also advertise your stud farm on this App. To date, an average of 6000 visits see the banners daily, thus making the App an ideal publicity option to reach users (breeders, enthusiasts, grooms, riders and related industries from all over the world) in a direct, efficient and effective manner.  The application allows for 15 advertisers, so there is still time before the 2017-2018 advertising campaign concludes.  For further information about publicity, and how to contract an advertisement, contact Inmaculada Rodríguez at or phone +34-954-689-260 (option 2). 

A free results and information guide are just a click away! 

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