PRE Excellence at the Palm Beach Derby

 The High Point trophy at the historic Palm Beach Derby was in the sights of several qualified pairs this past weekend in Wellington, especially in the National division, where four USPRE members went head-to-head in Third Level, Class 3 with their PRE mounts in a fabulous display of future potential. Jaime Amian, Kyle McIver, Emily Copeland and Sarah Roda all impressed the judge with their PREs, who scored them all in the elite over-70% range. The class of 10 was won by 2 PREs….Jaime won the Open Category with 73.974% on Legend, and the overall winner and National High Point Champion of the show was JR/YR Sarah Roda on her own Quintanillo JJ with 75.641%. AA Kyle McIver and Churro placed 5th with 72.5 and Emily Copeland was seventh on Falero Hacal with 70.2.

In the International show, Jacqueline Cuddy and Malacarat continue to become familiar with the highest level of competition, scoring a respectable 63.68 in the CDI-W Grand Prix, taking her place among the other winners of the historic Palm Beach Derby Perpetual Trophy for the CDI Division.

Also competing during the weekend were Maria Lithander and Barbara HGF, who scored over 74% in the Open Young Horse Prix St. George, and Emily Lavalle and Caramelo XX who finished just under 60% in the Fourth Level.

The PREs were generally the top-scorers or winners in their respective classes and made a fine representation of our horse in top competition.

Congratulations to all who competed well, and especially to the winners!

Photos courtesy of Lily Forado

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