LG ANCCE Reports: New Tools to Calculate Inbreeding

In the Private Zone of the PRE Stud Book website, as you already know, breeders may calculate the inbreeding coefficient for any horse on their stud farm. Breeders may also calculate this factor for possible progeny from the horses on their stud farm and any other PRE horse.
Currently, several new tools have been developed that enable a breeder to calculate the inbreeding index of all horses on his/her stud farm at once, without having to do this horse by horse. Moreover, it provides the average inbreeding value for that stud farm. At the same time, the possibility of calculating the inbreeding coefficient for descendants from any PRE with all of the horses included on that stud farm has also been created….and in a single step!
In all cases, the inbreeding coefficient continues to include the Pedigree Completeness Index indicating the extension of the pedigree, based upon which the consanguinity is calculated.  The higher the level of this Index, the greater the information we have about the pedigree used to calculate consanguinity, and therefore the reliability it will have.
All data obtained are shown on the screen and may be exported to a simple Excel file for easier use.
These functions allow breeders to have more, user-friendly information about inbreeding that is less time consuming. At the same time, it can be used within the scope of the genetic PRE Breeding Program, as inbred mating could represent, together with selection, a tool for breeders to increase the genetic merits of their stud farms.
Presently, new functions are being developed that will be available in due course. We will inform you when the time comes.

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