LG ANCCE Reports: More than 68,000 PRE Genetic Assessments

More than 68,000 PRE Genetic Assessments on the PRE ANCCE Stud Book Website
The PRE Breeding Program continues its efforts to contribute to dissemination of the genetic improvement and increase the genetic progress in future generations to maximize stud farm productivity and competitiveness while guaranteeing business feasibility. Recently, the stud book office has published all of the genetic data on its website (www.lgancce.com) for the horses assessed to date, both for Dressage as well as conformation aptitudes for Dressage.
All in all, 68,022 genetic assessments have been published (45,456 mares and 22,566 stallions). Concerning the conformation aptitude for Dressage, the genetic data for 55,744 horses has been published (which corresponds to 38,439 mares and 17,305 stallions) from 12,362 stud farms. In the case of genetic assessment of horses for Dressage, 12,278 horses (5,261 stallions and 7,017 mares) have been published; these horses are from 4,055 stud farms.
Any breeder or technician in the equine/equestrian sector may access genetically assessed horses, and consult the transmission of potential qualities to offspring, for all characteristic assessed. Thus, breeders may select the breeding stock that interests most to obtain descendants with specific traits. This allows breeders to take a quantitative step forward in their stud farm’s genetic selection. For this, prior to mating, one needs to have knowledge of the genetic values of both parents, as each transmits 50% of his/her genetic information to its progeny.
We have published all genetic values for all horses assessed (not only those horses listed in the Breeding Stock Catalog). Breeders now have a useful tool that contributes to the selection of breeding stock and the genetic improvement not only for their stud farms, but also for the breed in general.

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