2017 TRC Announcement

We are pleased to announce that USPRE will be sponsoring the 2017 Tribunal for Qualified Breeding Stock (TRC).

Dates: June 20-24 (Exact dates per location to be confirmed shortly)
TRC Locations:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 West Coast: (Burbank, California at LA Equestrian Center)
East Coast: (Mills Spring, North Carolina at Tryon International Equestrian Center)
Cost: Approximately $2500 per horse
Deposit: $250 per horse, due with application.  The final payment balance is due 30 days prior to the TRC

How to sign up:

1.  Request and pay for service 220 (TRC), the deposit fee is $250 (If service is canceled thirty (30) days before the TRC, the deposit amount will be refunded)  Click Here to sign up.

2. Please complete the USPRE 2017 Mare Registration Form/ USPRE 2017 Stallion Registration Form:

Click Here for Mare Registration

Click Here for Stallion Registration

Need additional information about the TRC?

The following are some important links to information about the TRC:

Click Here  for (TRC Rules)

Click Here  for (TRC Vet Guidelines)

Click Here  for (Addendum Guideline- Ridding Test, etc.)

Click Here  for (OCD – Hospital Clínico Veterinario de Córdoba)

In our best efforts to assist breeders in being well prepared for the TRC, we have developed the following educational video. Please follow this link to view our video: TRC Video

Have additional questions?

Please contact our TRC coordinators Bill Taylor (bill.taylor@rowleycompany.com), Adrienne LaFar (alafar@bellsouth.net), Miguel Nuñez (cnnorco@yahoo.com) or call our office at 561-214-4961.


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