USPRE Week Features Working Equitation Clinic with Doina Fischer

 Open to the public! USPRE is hosting a Working Equitation Seminar and Clinic with international judge Doina Fischer. Come learn about this rapidly growing sport, for which dressage breeds, but especially PREs, are uniquely suited.

The Working Equitation discipline is intended to promote competition between traditional styles of riding used during fieldwork in various countries, and also to act as a showcase for traditional riding costumes and equipment. Working Equitation became a competitive sport in 1996 along with its first European championship being held in Italy the same year. Working Equitation is recognized as a sport in many countries, mostly in South America and Europe, all countries have their own governing body of the sport. The sport tests the horse and rider’s partnership and ability to manoeuvre obstacles. There are four different levels of Working Equitation: Novice, Intermediate, Junior and Advanced. At advanced level, the rider must ride with just one hand, most commonly their left hand, on the reins (from Wikipedia).

Doina Fischer is a pioneer in the sport of Working Equitation in the US, and a licensed WE judge in Europe. She is an outstanding instructor with a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. By working with trainers that studied with the famous Nuno Oliviera​,​ ​as well as  working many years with Luis Ramos Paul in Spain, ​she has developed a rare sense of both the horse and the rider that allows her to engage with both and quickly and significantly identify ways to strengthen and improve the work of the horse.

She will be assisted by Carmen Franco and Dr. Suzan Oakley.

When: Friday, January 27, 9am-1pm. Refreshments included.

Where: Hampton Green Farm, 13285 Southfields Road, Wellington, FL.

Cost: $10.00. Free to USPRE members.

RSVP to (786) 264-1108




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