Katie Hoefs-Martin and Barbro Ask-Upmark are the CA High Point Grand Champions

Katie Hoefs-Martin and MN Corsario

The USPRE CA High Point Series is an annual contest for PRE horses of all levels competing in dressage in the California show circuits. This year’s designated shows included three in Southern CA and three in Northern CA, bringing out a number of regulars to the program as well as many notable young horses.

The USPRE Grand Champions of the CA Series are two riders who have stood out in a field of very worthy contenders. USPRE is proud to present the Grand Championship to pairs with such exceptional results. Congratulations to both of our Grand Champions on a stellar season!

NATIONAL LEVEL GRAND CHAMPION: Katie Hoefs-Martin and Corsario MN, a 2011 Bay Stallion owned by Miguel Nunez. Training Level Avg. 74%

FEI LEVEL GRAND CHAMPION: Barbro Ask-Upmark and Orive YET, 2005 Gray Stallion owned by Alan B. Reese. Small Tour Level Avg. 66.7%

For more information about the USPRE High Point Series in CA and FL, and to register for 2017, please see https://www.usprea.com/uspre-high-point-program/.

Orive Yet - 2015.1 Barbro Ask-Upmark and Orive YET

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