Copa USPRE 2016 Provisional Rankings

11891074_1158869780796503_6414415876405101678_nThe qualification period for the 2016 Copa USPRE ends on 30 September. At this time, only the following pairs have met all the requirements for the Copa:

Jacqueline Cuddy and Malcarat                  Grand Prix

Jacqueline Cuddy and Balado                     Grand Prix

Janne Rumbough and Armas Zumbel       Small Tour

Kerrigan Gluch and Vaquero HGF             Young Rider

Nicole Harrington and Camomila MCD    5 Year Olds FEI Test


The following pairs have posted qualifying scores but have yet to complete the required minimum tests for their respective levels:

Nicholas Fyffe and Fiero HGF                     Grand Prix

Nicole Harrington and Fetichin                  Grand Prix

Sabine Schut-Kery and Marques                Grand Prix

Brooke Alexander and Trainer Jama         Small Tour


If you are an FEI rider and meet the qualifications for the Copa, you may still submit a Letter of Declaration. For more information, see




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