CA High Point Series Kicks Off for 2016

The 2016 CA High Point Series commenced with a large CDI at the Del Mar National. There were new faces and many up-and-coming PRE pairs to watch, but the winners of this first of six High Point shows were the seasoned veterans of the show ring.


International (CDI) Levels: Marques XXXVI–Grand Prix 65.200

Rider/Owner : Rhea Scott and Sabine Schut-Kery


National Levels OPEN:  Receloso XXXV – First Level 71.324Terri Miller - Star Spangled Dressage - July 2015-2OriveYet_4841_TerriMiller

Rider: Catherine Chamberlain

Owner: Stephen Strunk


FEI Levels OPEN:  Orive Yet – Prix St. George 67.895

Rider: Barbro Ask- Upmark

Owner: Alan Reese


Congratulations to our winners! Check back for more results as the CA season heats up. For more information about shows, or to sign up for the High Point series, see .

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