Tanya Duffey Named Executive Director of USPRE Association

tanya 1  United States PRE Association announces the promotion of Tanya Duffey to the role of Executive Director.  Duffey is currently the LG Business Manager of USPRE and has been since 2012 when USPRE took over the PRE studbook management in the United States and Canada by way of agreement with the parent studbook in Spain known as ANCCE.

This promotion is due not only to the superior performance of Tanya Duffey, but to the success of USPRE as an organization, especially the outstanding growth of members and breeders it services.   Joan Mack, who came to USPRE with extensive nonprofit experience, has been Executive Director for seven years, serving as a volunteer to the organization.  United States PRE Association has achieved increasing success in the past few years from its inception as a small office of 1 person to today’s staff of 4 managing paperwork for over 1000 breeders and almost 700 members, allowing the organization to name Duffey to this role.   Mack will continue to be a volunteer to USPRE and will serve as a consultant to the organization.

Ms. Duffey, a Wellington, Florida resident, has a degree in Architecture from Florida Atlantic University and brought her management and organizational skills to USPRE when the Miami operations of ANCCE were moved to Wellington and the oversight of USPRE.  “She was the first person we interviewed in those days and every candidate was measured against Tanya going forward,” remembers Joan Mack, former Executive Director.  “We knew that with Tanya’s detail-oriented skills and business background she would be able to manage this new project servicing breeders and owners in the US and Canada.  We knew we had to get it right immediately and Tanya took us there.“

Kimberly Boyer, former president of the USPRE Board of Directors, stated, “The success of USPRE is primarily due to Tanya’s ability to work with our breeders, to coordinate the massive details required to manage the Studbook, and to her quick grasp of the overall picture.  We inherited lots of issues and questions, and she was able to dig into any problem and offer solutions quickly.  We know that Tanya will make an excellent Executive Director for the future.”

Current Board President, Betsy Ketcham, agrees: “Whenever breeders have a question, Tanya has an answer, the correct answer.  She sees the entire organization as a big picture and will help us meet future goals and initiatives.  I’ve enjoyed working with Tanya on the Studbook side; I am excited to work with her moving this organization and the PRE horse forward in North America.”

USPRE achieved nonprofit status in 2007 and was awarded management of the PRE Studbook in 2012 by the government of Spain. Prior to this, USPRE was managed entirely by a dedicated volunteer working board of directors.  Tanya has proven her abilities over the past four years, establishing the USPRE office as the leading PRE registration operation of all countries outside of Spain, and will bring her management strengths to the member programs and other initiatives offered by USPRE.  Joan Mack said, “This promotion is entirely due to her exceptional abilities and the success of USPRE as a whole.”


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