ANCCE Launches Popular “PRE Horses” Photographic Contest

After the success of previous editions, the Press, Promotion & Marketing Commission has launched the 4th Photographic Contest titled “PRE Horses” (Caballos PRE).  The contest strives to show the versatility of the Purebred Spanish Horse through the lens of national and international breeders.

Both full-fledged and associate members of ANCCE are eligible to participate in this contest.

This summons shall be governed in keeping with the following rules and regulations:

  1. Main theme:

The topic of the works presented must be related to the Purebred Spanish Horse or PRE. It is obligatory for this to be featured clearly in the photo, although it does not necessarily have to be the main protagonist.

  1. Participants:

Participation in this competition is open to any adult, of legal age, who is a full-fledged or associate member of ANCCE.

  1. Technical requirements:

Only ONE (1) photograph will be accepted per person.  All photographs must be original and unpublished. No photography may have been published previously in any media, posted on any private web-sites, social network or similar formulas nor may said photography have been awarded a prize at any other competition.  Likewise, the contesting photography may not participate in other competitions at the same time. The works of professional photographers will not be valid in this competition.

No photograph that is offensive, expresses xenophobic messages or attitudes, have pornographic content or harm the rights of humans or the well-being of animals will be permitted. These aspects will be assessed according to the criteria of the organization of the contest.

All photos must be e-mailed to the Association: and must fulfill the following requirements:
– TIFF or JPG Format.
– Size: minimum 2Mb, maximum 5Mb (resolution 300 ppp).
– Photographs shall only be accepted in COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE.
– The file name will be the title of the work.

To be included in the email:
– Participant information (Full name, ID number (Passport or driver’s license), full address, including postal code, municipality, province (state), country, cell phone number and e-mail).
– Name of the Stud Farm.
– A brief description of the content represented in the photograph.

  1. Deadline:

Originals may be presented as of April 21 until May 15, 2016. Works presented after the final deadline will not be accepted.

  1. Jury:

A Jury, made up of members from the Press, Promotion & Marketing Commission will proclaim the photographs that have been most voted for by the visitors to the web-site and the corresponding prizes.

The ANCCE website: will upload all photographs received so that all visitors may vote for the photo they like best. Each visitor may vote for a maximum of three (3) photographs.

  1. Prizes:

The most voted photograph will be the winner.

The first prize winner will receive an ANCCE jacket, manufactured by Valecuato, as well as two (2) VIP passes to access the Fair ground and Show and a copy of the PRE Breed Book. There will also be two (2) consolation prizes for the next, most-voted-for photos, which include two (2) VIP passes to SICAB and five (5) invitations to the fair ground.

  1. Verdict:

The verdict will be announced on Friday, the 27th of May. Winners will be notified by the organization. Likewise, ANCCE will notify the media, on the web-site and through all channels deemed suitable.

  1. Intellectual ownership rights:

By presenting the photograph, the contestant accepts granting ANCCE, free of charge, the rights to reproduce, distribute, transform and use publicly, in all the possible media, the work sent, throughout the world and for the maximum duration as currently foreseen in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, dated the 12th of April, approved the rewritten text of the Intellectual Property Law for the protection of the granted rights.

Participation in this competition means fully accepting each and every one of these rules and the verdict of the jury, which is final. Any contestant sending a photograph guarantees that he/she holds the intellectual ownership rights, which, by virtue of his/her participation in this competition, grants to ANCCE and, therefore, ANCCE shall be free of any claims from third parties deriving from failure to fulfill the aforementioned guarantee. ANCCE shall decide upon the suitability of the work with regards to its publication and may adapt it technologically, fragment and adapt said work to the ultimate format for its publication.

The contestant declares, under his/her own responsibility that he/she strictly complies with the rules of the competition. Likewise, the contestant is aware that he/she shall be disqualified immediately if, during or after the verdict, it is found that said contestant fails to comply with any of the established rules or that his/her declaration is totally or partially false, erroneous or untrue, in which case the prize received shall be returned.

ANCCE shall not be held responsible for the rights of image that may correspond to third parties, with regards to the photographs presented at the competition. Those participants, who present photographs showing people, especially in the case of children and private property must guarantee that the contestant has express authority to disseminate said images.  If, in one of the photographs presented, there is a close-up or recognizable features of person, the author must include the signed authorization from that person or persons to disseminate or reproduce their image, in the envelope, including the ID of that person.  This step is not necessary in the case of general views where human figures are not identifiable.

ANCCE shall not be held responsible for any consequence, loss or damage deriving from failure to comply with these rules, with the contestants being the sole responsible party.


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