ANCCE Designs an Equestrian Sports Plan for Purebred Spanish Horses

he Dressage Commission is preparing a new generation of PRE horses to guarantee breed participation at competitions  

After the undisputed success of the Purebred Spanish Horse in Dressage over the past few years, ANCCE has designed a PRE defense and promotion project to aid, assist and collaborate in the preparation of Dressage horses.  Our objective is to reinforce the number of quality athletes at all levels and in the long-run, recuperate the presence of Purebred Spanish Horses at the Young Horse World Championship.  

The objective has been set by the Dressage sub-commission, presided by Jorge Conde.  As the creator of this program, the idea is to back the up-and-coming PRE generations that are currently competing and identify those with potential for this sport from among the horses and riders actively competing in Dressage, whatever the level.  

The Commission responsible for handling this project and its smooth running will be creating a qualified taskforce under the management of Jorge Conde. José Antonio García Mena, Olympic rider with ample experience in Dressage will be the trainer, with the ANCCE Competition Department coordinating it all. 

First of all, the taskforce will select the team.  Logically, the first three winners of the 2015 ANCCE Dressage Cup will be included.  Likewise, those athletes proposed by the taskforce or approved from among the requests made by breeders (see appendix) and sent to the ANCCE Competition Department will also be included.  

Step two of the plan is to contract venues (south, east and north) where more generic training will be undertaken—scaled training, quality of the paces, etc.  This will be followed by more specific and competitive exercises (improvements, presentation, compliance with the requirements of the tests, etc.). Meanwhile, the technical team will carry out an in-depth follow-up of the results, developments and competition of each horse/rider chosen to later plan the corresponding objectives.   

To carry out this plan, ANCCE will invest approximately 30,000 euros to fully subsidize horses and riders of those breeders who are full-fledged member of ANCCE; for those who are not members, a percentage will be provided.  In this latter case, non-members will have to pay €150 per concentration/competition/course/session.

This project has been planned to achieve visible results within four years.  Throughout 2016, all of the work programmed will be developed so that by 2017 assessments will be seen and by 2018, the proposed results, which includes national and international competitions.  

This sports program is a wonderful opportunity for breeders and riders who have their sights on the competition arena.  Thanks to this program, professional orientation tools will be provided, which until now, were not within the reach of individual breeders.  Whether due to unawareness and/or the high individual cost, such aspects have hindered the access of many to Dressage, in which case, many talents have been lost. The program will materialize in the form of improved results for PRE horses at competition and position the breed in the field of sports.  

From ANCCE, we would like to encourage breeders, both members and non-members to actively collaborate and participate in this project.  Email your application form, together with a 3-minute video or the contribution you consider most appropriate to |  To the extent that it is possible, we will try to incorporated and seek Dressage success among all of the Purebred Spanish Horses. 

Finally, all information regarding this plan will be published on the ANCCE web site ( in the section Competition – Dressage – Sports Program as the various developmental phases unfold.  

 [PDF] Participation form:


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