USPRE Week Wrap-Up

PRE Horse Party in Wellington.

Wellington- 02/01/16. USPRE Week of 26-30 January held in Wellington, Florida, has been an unforgettable experience for the members of the association and all PRE horse lovers!

The United States is the second country in the world in terms of the number of P.R.E horses, and each year its national association, USPRE, honors the Purebred Spanish horse and its many owners and uses for one week in Wellington, Florida.

The first activity scheduled on Tuesday night was a welcome cocktail at the  White Horse Tavern. Those in attendance included Enrique de Benito, Amador Alonso, Felix Reigia, Jaime Amian, Manolo Gonzalez, Patricia Sanchez, Jacqueline and Liam Cuddy, Belinda Nairn, Lee Burton, Terry Waechter, William Taylor, Adrienne LaFar, Shelly Pritchard and family, Walter Hensley, Betsy Bougie , Shaana Riley, Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer, Jane Bistline, Janne Rumbough, and others.

On Wednesday around 10:00 am, at the premises of Janne Rumbough’s MTICA Farm, Tanya Duffey, USPRE Manager of the Stud Book, reviewed procedures and directives of the TRC—a special Tribunal for stallions and mares offered semi-annually in the States. Next, Tom Reed gave a brief demonstration with Armas Zumbel on how to prepare and what to expect when presenting your horse at the TRC in front of the Spanish delegation.

With a 90% chance of torrential rain, the USPRE team decided to move to Plan B for for the public dinner and horse show, traditionally held in the large open international arena at the Global Dressage Festival showgrounds. Plan B brought the horseshow inside the covered arena. At half past six, the big event started. The loyal PRE fans with raincoats and umbrellas, didn´t missed the opportunity to see 5 pairs put on a magnificent performance—although much shorter than was originally planned. The first to go was Jacqueline Cuddy who made a Grand Prix Freestyle with Malcarat, a two-time champion of the Copa USPRE. Debra Cooper Phelan delighted the audience with a Western Dressage ride, accompanied by singer and “American Equestrian Got Talent” finalist Jenna Wyatt. Young Rider medalist Kerrigan Gluch with HGF Brio rode a Freestyle featuring the U-25 exercises to a soundtrack of Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. Last but not least, the performance of two sons of the famous stallion Gaucho IIII were presented, along with the experienced Spanish rider and horse lover Janne Rumbough who rode Junior, and up-and-coming international pair Emily Copeland with Festivo RS.

The crowd for the dinner filled the newly enlarged Global Pavillion, and were treated to a Spanish feast and special video tributes to the “legends” PRE sports horses such as Invasor, Evento, Distinguido, Norte Lovera, G- Nidium, Oleaje, Grandioso and Fuego XIII.

As a special guest of the party, Spanish Olympian Juan Manuel Muñoz received an award for his lifetime achievment in international dressage with Fuego XIII, recalling fond memories of his unforgettable ride at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010. The dinner was prepared by Chef Frederic Boyer and featured Spanish dishes such as gazpacho, potato omelet and Paella, Iberian ham, etc.

The evening concluded with an emotional tribute to US Foundation Sire Gaucho III, the first P.R.E imported into the US for Dressage, and who was owned by a member of the Board of USPRE, Janne Rumbough. It was an unforgettable and very emotional night where attendees experienced the beauty, quality and harmony of these horses made for dressage.

Continuing with the agenda, on Thursday a roundtable discussion was held with breeders such as Xavier Farms Stud Amadores, Hampton Green Farm, Hacienda del Sol, Rancho del Lago among others. Topics of great interest to all attendees were presented, as were the history and values of the herds, the definition of PRE, the role of the mare, bloodlines, morphology or functionality, etc. The debate was very interesting and instructive for all the audience.

On Thursday evening, an elegant dinner at the beautiful International Polo Club in Wellington brought together more than 60 members. The Year End Award Recipients were announced, and which will be published soon on the website. Manolo Gonzalez, representing ANCCE, read a letter from ANCCE president Juan Tirado, sending best wishes for the week and highlighting the great work of the USPRE promoting the breed in the US. Kim Boyer unveiled the new USPRE catalog, a new “social media” tool for owners and breeders of PRE horses.

On Friday morning, at the premises of Hampton Green Farm, a dressage seminar led by Juan Manuel Munoz was held for 60 auditors and four horse/rider pairs. Two of the morning’s horses were young horses, illustrating the early training of a international-potential PRE horse. A son of  Jose Mena’s Norte de Lovera, also named Norte, was ridden by Beatrice Boucher along with a daughter of  Bolero CXVLIII (who is currently competed at Grand Prix by Jose Daniel Martin Dockx) named Barbara HGF, ridden by Maria Lithander. Two more experienced horses– Armas Zumbel, formerly competed internationally by Cris Duran and ridden by Janne Rumbough, and Quintanillo JJ, recently imported by Hampton Green Farm. Carmen Elisa Franco did a great job as a translator.

At the Friday evening Grand Prix freestyles for the CDI-W, USPRE provided a final chance for members to gather together in a private VIP. Just before the awards ceremony, USPRE members enjoyed the lovely exhibition ride by visiting Spanish Olympic Rider, Juan Antonio Jimenez on a young FEI stallion Lenin Mor (bred and owned by Yeguada las Morerias). USPRE, as Sponsor for the CDI-W that week, presented the ribbons to the top three placings for the evening. The Adequan Global Dressage Festival has been a great promotion for Purebred Spanish horse platform.

Definitely a week full of activities promoting and enjoying many different types of Spanish Horses and the people who love them.

Text and photos by Lily Forado.

* Photos available on Album UspreWeek the Fan Page.

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