New Board Members Join the USPRE Board of Directors in 2016

Three New Board Members Start Work on the USPRE Board of Directors in 2016

At the annual January Board Meeting the BEC followed its bylaws by nominating two of its members, Bill Taylor and Sherry McGalliard, to move to the USPRE Board of Directors, filling recent vacancies.  Additionally, Dr Ariel Martinez, well-regarded California breeder, accepted a Board position effective March 1st, 2016.

Bill Taylor, a long time member of USPRE and the Breeder Executive Committee was nominated by the BEC to step to the Board of Directors of USPRE in January.  Bill stated, upon being notified that his tenure as a board member has begun: “First, let me say it is an honor to part of the USPRE Board of Directors. I strongly believe it is on the right track to best set the foundation and promotion of the PRE in the US, and one I wish to support more with my time and resources.”

His passion for the breed is relatively recent, and the foundation was laid in support of his wife, Adrienne LaFar, who serves on the BEC.    Adrienne is a life-long horse woman, so his support of her passion quickly led to his own by embracing what he believes to be the most noble of the equine breeds, the PRE.   In 2008 as he and Adrienne began their work with the PRE, and shortly thereafter Xavier Farms was formed.   In seven short years, they acquired and developed a predominantly young line-up of Stallions and Mares, which have achieved multiple Grand National Titles for Conformation, Movement, and Performance.   Xavier Farms’ breeding program today has produced quality foals that will begin their own development and performance careers in breed and dressage shows in the near future.

Bill Taylor is an owner and managing partner of the Rowley Company, serving as the Chief Executive Officer, which is a leading supplier to the window coverings industry.   Bill is a former world-class athlete who competed on several U.S. National Teams including three U.S. World Cross Country Championship Teams.

Bill received a BAA in Exercise Science & Physiology from Central Michigan University and a MBA from the McColl Graduate School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte.   Bill is married to Adrienne LaFar, and lives in Lake Wylie, SC. and they operate their PRE Breeding operation in nearby Clover, SC., Xavier Farms.  Bill will take on the new role of Coordinator of the TRC on the Board and will work with ANCCE and USPRE staff to bring a TRC to the US this fall.

Sherry McGalliard, who has served as Secretary on the Breeder Executive Committee moved to the Board with great enthusiasm for the work of USPRE, and a long time love of the PRE.  She said, “In the summer of 1983 I had my first introduction to the Spanish horse.   I went to all the west coast Andalusian shows just to see an Andalusian.  I met breeders (there weren’t many) and fell in love with a stallion named Leopardo III (Garrison bred).  Eventually I purchased (on payments) a colt from them, Valentisimo (who I nicknamed, Amigo).  Later after working for the Westmorelands, I lost my Amigo and stayed away from the Andalusian world for 22 years.  I trained for many people during the 22 year time “off,” many Friesian farms, mixed breeds, mostly dressage horses but nothing compared to the incredible Andalusian. For years I had been looking for another horse, preferably a PRE.”     In 2007, Sherry purchased a PRE, Pure Raza Española.  He was supposed to be her last dressage project.  Soon thereafter they began purchasing more mares and went headlong into the breeding of the PRE.  Although they have only been breeding for a few years, Sherry has really enjoyed the babies and the wonderful learning experience it has been.  “We have seen what works and have built on that in an effort to breed the very best horses we can,” Sherry said.  Sherry manages Epic Andalusians and lives in Covington, Texas.  Between riding and watching her talented daughter ride, she is employed by the SEC as a paralegal in the Division of Enforcement.

She was appointed to the IALHA Board or Directors, elected as the Region 5 Director and Show Committee, and has many ideas about bringing this expertise to the USPRE Board.  Sherry has many friends in the PRE world and says,   “I am grateful for the opportunities I have been blessed with.”  Sherry will serve as the Liaison to the BEC on the Board of Directors.

Dr Ariel Martinez is a family physician in Watsonville, California and is known as “El Doctor” by his friends.  He began breeding in 2008 and currently owns 80 horses.  His record of winning ribbons is well-known throughout the country and among PRE breeders.  When asked about his many awards, of which one he is most proud, he states, “I am most proud of Farucco LXXXIII.  He has been champion twice and continues to be an award winning stallion.” Riding Magazine called Farucco, a qualified stallion, “a star among stars” in 2014.  His mare, Luna CCXCIV, has won a USPRE Year End Award for highest scoring mare twice and he admits he is very pleased with this horse.  Dr Martinez owns Rancho El Encanto in Aptos, California which has been called “a sleepy little town producing spectacular Spanish horses.”  Dr Martinez won USPRE Member of the Year in 2015 for his generosity to USPRE and for being one of our founding members.  Dr Martinez has been a doctor for 16 years, is married, has four children and two grandchildren.  He “loves the PRE horse – it’s my hobby.”  We are pleased to have Dr Martinez join the Board of Directors.  He brings with him the experience of being a long-time breeder, and a solid supporter of United States PRE Association.



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