ANCCE President Juan Tirado Speaks Out in Support of USPRE Board of Directors and USPRE Week

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Mrs. Kimberly van Kampen Boyer

President, USPRE

Sevilla, 20 January, 2016

Dear Kim, Betsy and other members of the Board of USPRE:

I am sorry that I am unable to be with you today in Wellington, but it was impossible for me to attend your annual convention because I have to be present at our Executive Committee, which meets on Friday, the 29th.

Prior to the upcoming change of presidency, of which Kim informed me at SICAB and that will be realized in these days, I wish to express on behalf of my Board our appreciation for the work of Kim on behalf of USPRE throughout her term.

The Spanish horse is growing in the United States and its image is improving thanks to your work. The American public now knows the PRE horse better, the relationship between the institutions of breeding and sport in your country have improved, and farmers and owners of Spanish horses are well catered for through the registry services of LG.

These have not been easy times, especially the origins of our mutual cooperation, but Kim and her management team have managed to overcome all the difficulties, showing great management skills and, above all, absolute loyalty and commitment to ANCCE and the Spanish horse.

I wish to show you the unwavering support that ANCCE gives to USPRE, and our confidence that those who will succeed Kim will continue on the same path, always for the benefit of the Spanish horse. Moreover, from Spain we are determined to put an end to our relationship with these other people and institutions which from within the United States are permanently sowing discord. We want the PRE horse breed to be universal, and it is therefore essential to have a solid foundation in your country. We’ve all tried to make an effort to redirect certain harmful attitudes in favor of unity, but the time has come to put aside those who put their personal interests ahead of those of our horses, so now more than ever is ANCCE on your side and against those who make the capricious and malicious criticism of this great work that USPRE has been developing for many years.

I would like to remember Miguel Nunez, Jesus Jimenez, Joan Mack, Tanya Duffey –and to all who have been part of the team in recent years and also congratulate them for their work.

I am convinced that Betsy will also be an extraordinary president because of her experience in USPRE and her affection for the PRE horse, and from this moment I am at your disposal to assist in what is within our reach.

I want to finish by recognizing your good work and express my gratitude for helping to spread the excellence of our Spanish horse in North America and I hope that USPRE week in Wellington will be a complete success.

All my salutations,

Juan Tirado Agudo

President of ANCCE

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