SICAB Announces the First World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship

SICAB will celebrate its Silver Jubilee with this very special Championship.  The Purebred Spanish Horse Awards will summon well-known faces from among the nobles of Spain and the worlds of fashion, sports and music.

SICAB (International PRE Trade Fair) will be housed at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones (Fair Grounds) in Sevilla from the 17th to the 22nd of November.  This 25th edition offers an innovative idea, which is the World PRE Championship.  This grand Conformation Final is but another step in the internationalization of SICAB by incorporating a title that goes well beyond the borders of Spain.

The Sevilla City Hall hosted the Press Conference for the Official SICAB Presentation.  The 4th Deputy Mayor and Alderman for Mobility, Security and Major Festivities, Juan Carlos Cabrera, underlined the importance of SICAB in Sevilla’s autumn events, as it is central for equine enthusiasts from all over the world.  “That is why we are committed to backing this major socio-economic event in our city,” he stated.

José Luis García Palacios, president of Caja Rural del Sur (Savings & Loan Bank), reiterated the value of Caja Rural at SICAB though the agreement signed with ANCCE. At the press conference, he stated that “it is an event where the organization has participated at countless editions over these past 25 years, which are being celebrated in 2015.  With the passing of time, (SICAB) has become a world reference for the equestrians, and also due to its importance for the economy of Andalusia.”

The Fair Grounds in Sevilla, known as Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones, will once again be the chosen venue, where 75,000 square meters are dedicated exclusively to the Purebred Spanish Horse. Jesús Rojas, the Fair Grounds manager stated that “SICAB is the most consolidated activity on Sevilla’s calendar of events, in addition to being a cornerstone on the FIBES Trade Fair calendar.”  He added, “it has such important international projection that it contributes induced benefits, both for the image of the city and through the economy it generates for Sevilla and its province, and of course, for the rest of Andalusia.”

SICAB is celebrating its Silver Jubilee with a number of innovative ideas.  These were announced by Juan Tirado, the President of ANCCE, during the press conference.  “For the first time in our history, we will reward the Stud Farm participating in the ANCCE Cup for Dressage.  To promote breeder harmony, we will hold the 1st Presentation Competition for ANCCE Breeders,” he announced.

Being such a special year and by celebrating 25 years of SICAB history, ANCCE would like to dedicate this edition to its breeders “as the protagonists of the event.”  The President continued to express his “thanks for their efforts and commitment from the very beginning; they have been brave and courageous in times of economic crisis.”  We must not forget the role played by breeder Francisco Fernández-Daza y Fernández de Córdova, who is the 2015 Honorary Member, in memoriam.

At SICAB, in addition to the Conformation Final, a number of other competitions will be held, all promoted by ANCCE.  These include: Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Spanish High School, Carriage Driving, Show Jumping and Exhibitions.

This year, the Show has been titled “This is our Horse.”  It will star a variety of international equestrian performers. Daily, they will provide the best example of equestrian art available in Spain today.

Lastly, the PRE Awards will be granted to illustrious personalities and ambassadors of the breed during the Show on Saturday, the 21st of November. Well known members of Spain’s aristocracy will be on hand, as well as celebrities from the worlds of fashion, sports and music.

Tirado stated “as breeder and President of ANCCE, I am really proud that an event such as SICAB reaches this milestone as an uninterrupted event with 25 years of history.  Few trade fairs in Andalusia or even in Spain can boast such an achievement.” At the same time, he expressed his appreciation for the support given by institutions, sponsors, the media and breeders over the years.

Online technology at its best

Once again, SICAB has fully integrated new technologies.  It will be accessible on smartphones thanks to an application for both iOS and Android to follow the results and qualifications for the various equestrian competitions.  The online TV platform,, will be up and running, to provide live feeds of all competitions, as well as interesting interviews and reports.  Last year, the platform had 325,000 viewers from more than 60 countries.  This proves the internationalization and interest for SICAB and the Purebred Spanish Horse.

This year, a new, online ticket sales portal has been designed:  With this, tickets may be bought from home, with pre-assigned seats and no need to stand in line.  It is a real success with tickets being purchases from such countries as France, Denmark, Canada, the USA, Chile and Norway.


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