PRE Market in US Showing Signs of Strength in 2015

The LG staff at USPRE is reporting a robust year so far in 2015 in terms of Inscriptions, new Breeder Codes and Changes of Ownership–the traditional indicators of growth of the PRE sector in the United States.

LG Business Director Tanya Duffey reports that we’ve seen recovery since the crisis of 2008-2012. In 2014, USPRE processed just under 700 inscriptions, with 2015 looking to have similar numbers at year end. Another indicator of growth is new Breeder Codes and Changes of Ownership service requests. In 2014, we issued 200 new codes (breeder and owner), and processed 380 changes of ownership. In 2015, we are tracking for a similar number of new codes, however we are seeing a sharp increase this year in the number of requests for changes of ownership. As of the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year, we have already processed 450 changes of ownership, a 20% increase from last year with three months left in the year, indicating a current thriving marketplace for our horses.

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