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cartel_sicab_2015 Once again, preparations are underway for SICAB 2015, the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair, and home of the 1st PRE World Championship.  This year, SICAB celebrates 25 years as the best international showcase for Purebred Spanish Horses.


– The new Online Entry System for horses participating in SICAB 2015.  This system is accessible through the Private Zone of the PRE Stud Book web site at  Just access the tab using your username and password to then click on the section Services, where you will see the option SICAB 2015 Entry.  All of your stud farm data will appear automatically, as well as invoicing data, a list with all of your horses as it appears in the PRE Stud Book files with the corresponding data.  With a simple click you may select those horses that will be participating in SICAB. In the box for observations, you may include any relevant information, including horses that you own, but that are not yet in your name and that you wish to present, etc. Likewise, there is an option where you can request a tack room, either in a stable or in a construction shed.
– The sections to judge all horses, whether mares or stallions, are the same as last year.  Only the horse being judged is allowed inside the arena; the next horse to be judged must wait at the entry to the arena, while the one after that must remain outside.  Presenters must be attentive to their turn when they are summonsed.  Specifics will be provided in the specific Rules & Regulations for SICAB 2015.

– This year, most of the sections, whether for mares or stallions, will be judged in the arena of Pavilion 1.

– The arenas in Pavilion 1 and 3, as well as warm-up arena will be made of geotextile.

– The advantages launched last year for full-fledged members of ANCCE will be applicable this year.  Such advantages include:
An exclusive access gate for members at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones Fair Grounds.

In pavilion 1, while the various sections are being judges, a section will be reserved for members, where these may access with their guests after showing their accreditation, until that area is full.  For all other tests in that arena, there will be no specifically reserved section.

On Wednesday and Thursday (November 18 and 19), members may access the seats of the Breeder Stand in Pavilion 3 with a maximum of four (4) guests to watch the Equestrian Show. Please request access with your guests in advance, as this will be granted on a first-come-first-serve bases until maximum capacity is reached.   To avoid waiting in line, you may access the Show in Pavilion 3 from the hall to the right of the main entry dome.

The ANCCE Stand will provide you with a 50-ticket beverage booklet for the week of SICAB.  Should you need more, you may purchase another ticket booklet at a reduced rate at the ANCCE office.

In addition to these measures, others are being studied to benefit full-fledged members.  These will be announced in due course.

ANCCE has an agreement with the El Corte Inglés travel agency to handle all hotel reservations during SICAB.  The link below provides you with the official reservation form and a list of hotels with the corresponding prices.

[PDF] Official Hotel Reservation Form:
Annually, SICAB prepares an official catalog, where stud farms may include publicity. This year we are editing a special edition to commemorate 25 years of SICAB history.  In this case, new contents will be included about the breed, augmented reality, map showing the location of stands, etc.   This tool is very useful for guest at the venue.  The deadline to request publicity and to send in all originals (whether text or photos), is Thursday, October 15.  Included herein is the request form for publicity; the rates are also provided for breeders, depending on whether or not they are members of ANCCE.  Remember that space for stud farm publicity is limited; if you are interested, please reserve now!

[PDF] Official Catalog:

As was the case last year, breeder stands will be housed in Pavilion 1, next to the arena for mares. If you are interested in reserving exhibition space, you must formalize your reservation by filling out the form, depositing the reservation fee of six hundred euros (€600) into the Banco Santander account with IBAN number: ES05 0049 4712 1527 1628 8529, to then send both the reservation form and the payment receipt to ANCCE.  Remember that this fee is non-refundable, should you later cancel your stand reservation.

The fee for full-fledged members of ANCCE is the same as in 2014.  When it comes to location, priority is given to those stud farms having a stand at previous editions.

The specification for set up, schedules and general usage are specified on the Breeder Contract Form, which will be sent in due course.

Two-floor stands are not allowed, nor may a stand be elevated above floor level.  Maximum surface area per stud farm is eighty square meters (80 m2).
Sound (PA) systems are not allowed in the stands.

[PDF] Reserve a breeder stand:

Last year, breeders were offered the possibility of reserving box seats in the stands around the arena in Pavilion 1, which included a table and six chairs as well as catering.  The fee for the best locations, for the entire week of SICAB is seven hundred and fifty euros (€750) (+10% VAT). Standard Box Seats sell for six hundred euros €600 plus 10% VAT.  These prices are for full-fledges members of ANCCE.  Depending on availability, box seats may be offered to non-members of ANCCE at the rate of one thousand, five hundred euros (€1500) (+10% VAT).

The deadline to reserve box seating is Monday, the 19th of October.  Initially, one box (table + 6 chairs) may be reserved per stud farm; if, after the deadline, box seating is still available, then these additional box seats may be reserved by a stud farm.

To select box seating location, order will be based on the payment date.

Accessing the box seat with food and beverage from outside is strictly forbidden.

[PDF] Reserve a Box Seat:

  1. Deadline for the reception of entries: 
    – The deadline to enter horses in the Conformation Competition is: Sunday November 1.
    – Past deadline entry:  November 2to 8. Entries will be accepted if there is availability.
    – Deadline for the entry of horses in the ANCCE Cups: Sunday, November 8.
  2. Priority for the entry of horses:
    – Priority will be given to qualified horses over those participating for exposition.Preference will be given full-fledged members of ANCCE. A list of qualified horses can be found on the ANCCE web site.
  3. Entry fee for the Conformation Competition/PRE World Championship:
    – Full-fledged members: €125 (+VAT) the first three (3) horses and €110 (+VAT) as of the fourth horse.
    – Associate members: €180 (+VAT).
    – Non-members: €300 (+VAT).
    – Horses entering past the deadline: in all cases € 400 € (+VAT).


  1. Entry fee for exhibition horses:

– Full-fledged members: €150 (+VAT)
– Associate members: €200 (+VAT).
– Non-members: €400 (+VAT).


  1. Entry fee for the ANCCE CUPS:


-Full-fledged members: €120 (+VAT)
– Non-members: €150 (+VAT).

-Full-fledged members: €120 (+VAT)
– Non-members: €150 (+VAT).

– 4-in-hand: €250 (+VAT)

– Pairs: €200 (+VAT)

– Singles: €150 (+VAT)

– Each participating horse: €120 (+VAT)

– The first two, €120; as of the third horse, the fee is €110 each.

All fees indicated, whether to enter a horse or to reserve a box or shed, are subject to the corresponding 21% VAT.


The qualifications and scores for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage are listed on the ANCCE web site, at

[PDF] Entry form for the PRE World Championship and the ANCCE Cups:

As was the case last year, breeders may decide between a pen or a stall.  The number of stalls is limited, so, if you are interested, please specify this on your entry form.  Requests for stalls will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, with preference being given to Full-Fledged Members and until all stalls have been designated.

Entries and registrations will be considered confirmed once full payment has been made. Once this payment has been made, said amount will not be returned, whatever the circumstance.  The organizers calculate supply needs using the actual number of horses entered as the basis when calculating provisions.

If you are interested in reserving a tack room, it will cost €200 for full-fledged members and €300 for all others participants. Remember that occupancy is subject to availability and that that the organizers are not responsible for theft or robbery.

To safeguard such incidence, we remind breeders that tack rooms (construction sheds) with lock and key are available.  These sheds may be shared; the rental fee for full-fledged members is €400 and €500 for all other participants.  Portable lighting is available for the construction sheds; this may be obtained by paying a €25 deposit, which will be reimburses once the equipment has been returned.


To enter a horse, reserve a stand, receive breeder documentation or participate in SICAB 2015 in any way, you must be in good standing regarding all economic obligations with ANCCE.


Breeders and enthusiasts who would like to give one of the awards that rewards the efforts of the best classified in the World Championship may do so as an individual, in representation of a stud farm, or on behalf of a company where he/she works.
The awards are bronze sculpture by the renowned artist Alberto González de la Peña. Should you wish to acquire a figure, the price appears on the form with further information.

Donating one of these trophies is the best way to collaborate and back an event whose budget increases year after year.
[PDF]  Donate a Trophy: 


  1. Tickets:


General entrance ticket from Tuesday to Sunday: €12


Wednesday: €12
ThursdayFridaySaturday morning and Sunday: €15

Saturday night: €18

Sunday, reduced rate: €8 (you must have a ticket for the grounds, pass or invitation to the ground for that day)

* VAT included in ticket price.



Once again, ANCCE has signed a collaboration agreement with IBERIA, thanks to which the airlines offers SICAB participants and guests a 15% discount on all flights at (rates and fees excluded), when the final destination is Sevilla or Madrid. This offer is exclusive for tickets reserved with IBERIA (commuter flights not included).  Excluded from this offer are flights that include shared codes:  (4000/5000/7000).  Tickets will be valid and the discount applicable as of five (5) days prior to the commencement of SICAB and five (5) days after.
Reservations and issuing must be made through the link provided:

For SICAB enthusiasts arriving to Sevilla by train, RENFE offers a 30% discount that is applicable for all trains, whether a one-way and/or return ticket whose origin and/or final destination is Sevilla. This bonus is valid from the 15th to the 24thof November of this year 2015. By presenting the discount voucher, which can be downloaded at any RENFE sales desk (train station or travel agent) or by going to, you can take advantage of this discount when purchasing your ticket.

[PDF] RENFE Discount Voucher:

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