Cool August Nights and Star Vaughn Dressage Bring Out USPRE High Point Winners

Tracio Large

The CA High Point Series continues to bring out top performances by PRE horses on the West Coast. The Northern CA group of shows wrapped up last month with Star Vaughn dressage, where youth rider Shae Lovazzano debuted her new PRE Tracio at Intermediate I. The pair scored 61.05% .

Meanwhile in Burbank, at the Cool August Nights show, Sarah Lockman and Barbro Ask-Upmark topped a large group of PREs with high marks at their levels. Sarah and Receloso XXXV achieved 70.441 at First Level Test 3, to win the Open National Levels division. Barbro and Orive YET scored 63.289 at the Intermediate I to be the Open FEI Levels High Point winner.

Congratulations to all–riders and owners!

In the CA Series there is one final show to go–the Del Mar International 3* Sept. 10-13, which will bring out all contenders for the CA Grand Championship! Stay tuned….

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