California High Point Summer Shows Complete, Winners Posted

The California High Point Show Series is complete for 2015 and another solid, successful summer is in the books.  USPRE member and Volunteer-Extraordinaire Tina Lovazzano manages these shows for us, gathers and sends ribbons and shirts to all the winners of these shows, and reports back at the end of the season.  Tina reported that this was another good summer and she is reviewing shows for 2016 in California.  “It’s such a huge state,” Tina said, “and I want to see what shows we may be missing that we should be involved in.  I think we will add some for 2016, if the Dressage Committee agrees.”
In 2015 the following members collected solid scores and have USPRE ribbons hanging in their barns:

USPRE CA High Point winner Sara LockmanStrunk 2015

Sara Lockman on RecelosoXXXV, owned by Steven Strunk

Tracio show

Shae Lovazzano and Tracio

Cindy Ramirez Smith on Carina HGF

June 6-7 Gilroy Gaits Show: Cindy Ramirez-Smith on Carina HGF  69.69% (2nd Level), and Shelley Clark with Norteno VIII 57.5% (4th level), and Shae Lovazzano on Tracio 65.395% PSG

June 11-14 Murietta Show: Susan Treabass on Kamiakin CDI ParaTeam 70% Ind 69.5%, F/S 70.4%

June 26-28 Star Spangle Dressage Show: Christine Martin on Letrado 15/AA- Third Level 60.3%, and Barbro Ask-Upmark on Orive Yet, owned by member Alan Reese – PSG 67.1% and Intermedaire 1 64.2%

July 10-11 Woodside Dressage Show: Cindy Ramirez-Smith on Carina HGF, Open 2nd Level 69.3%, and Shae Lovazzano on Tracio, JY/YR Intermedaire 1 62.5%


August 20-23 Cool August Nights in Burbank: Barbro Ask-Upmark on Orive Yet, owned by Alan Reese, Intermediare 1 63.2%, and Sarah Lockman on Receloso XXXV, owned by Steven Strunk, First Level 70.4%

August 21-22 Star Vaughn in Elk Grove: Shae Lovazzano on Tracio I1 61.053%

Orive Yet, Barbro Ask-Upmark

Barbro Ask-Upman on Orive Yet

September 10-13 Del Mar CDI: Barbro Ask-Upmark on Orive Yet PSG 63.3% and I1 59.6%

Congratulations to all our competitors, all over the California and the entire country and thank you to all the owners and breeders who put up such strong competitors.


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