CA Series High Point Grand Champions for 2015

The California Series for the USPRE High Point Challenge has wrapped up for 2015, and USPRE is pleased to announce the Grand Champions for this year:

National Level Grand Champion:
Cindy Ramirez-Smith and Carina HGF
2nd Level: 69.7, 69.3, 67.1
 Orive Yet, Barbro Ask-Upmark Barbara Ask-Upmark
FEI Level Grand Champion:
Barbro Ask-Upmark and Orive YET
PSG/Inter 1: 64.2, 67.1, 63.2
Tracio Large 
Youth Grand Champion:
Shae Lovazzano and Tracio
PSG/Inter 1: 62.3, 64.0, 66.44
Cindy, Barbro and Shae join the Florida Series Champions Nicholas Fyffe, Maya Markowski and Kerrigan Gluch to round out a fantastic year of High Point competition. The USPRE High Point Challenge was designed to to encourage PRE riders of all levels to train and compete in rated dressage shows. The USPRE High Point award is available at any USDF dressage show around the country when organized by members. Currently, the program has developed series’ in two locations: Florida and California. The schedule of shows where USPRE High Points are awarded is posted below. Grand Champions of the series’ are awarded a USPRE riding jacket.
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