All scores averaged per Copa USPRE directives and taken from Dropped scores applied where applicable.

Declarations of Intent MUST be submitted to USPRE no later than September 30, 2015, to be eligible for the Copa USPRE.

The qualifying period runs 30 September, 2014 – 30 September, 2015.

Athletes with an * next to their name have achieved the minimum scores required.

USPRE is not responsible for inaccurately reported scores. If any errors are detected, athletes are encouraged to contact the USPRE office immediately at

Please note that it is the responsibility of the rider to submit the official score sheets from an international class in order to have the highest score applied to the ranking.

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NS=No Scores


Big Tour

Janne Rumbough                  Junior

Grand Prix Regular   65.84

Grand Prix Special    NS

Average: N/A


Jacqueline Cuddy                  Balado

Grand Prix Regular   62.387

Grand Prix Special    63.235

Average: 62.811


Jacqueline Cuddy                 Malcarat

Grand Prix Regular   63.7

Grand Prix Special    NS

Average: N/A



Small Tour

  1. *Stacey Hastings Police

Prix St. George           67.850

Inter 1                                    68.168

Average: 68.428


  1. *Nicholas Fyffe Fiero HGF

Prix St. George           65.745

Inter 1                                    69.364

Average:        67.554          


  1. *Emily Copeland Festivo

Prix St. George           66.096

Inter I                         65.756

Average:        65.926


  1. *Allegra Hohm Guadalupano

Prix St. George           65.175

Inter 1                                    65.764

Average: 65.469


  1. *Diego Gonzalez Giraldillo CEN

Prix St. George           63.596

Inter 1                                    64.092

Average: 63.844     



Barbro Ask-Upmark              Orive YET

Prix St. George           64.451

Inter 1                                   64.211

Avg: 64.331



Emilie Laval               Abanico XVIII

Prix St. George           62.80

Inter 1                                    NS

Average: N/A


Cindy Ramirez-Smith            Decoroso HGF

Prix St. George           62.171

Inter 1                                    NS

Average: N/A



Ariane Rezvani          Bandalor MQ

Prix St. George                    67.588

Inter 1                                    NS

Average: N/A


Brooke Alexander                 Trianero Jama

Prix St. George                    66.00

Inter 1                                    NS

Average: N/A


Janne Rumbough      Armas Zumbel

Prix St. George                    NS

Inter 1                                    66.184

Avg: N/A



Young Rider

  1. *Kerrigan Gluch Vaquero HGF

Young Rider Team Test                    67.539

Young Rider Individual Test           68.221

Average: 67.88



FEI 6 Year Olds

  1. *Felicitas Von Neumann Cosel Aragon GAF

FEI 6 Year Olds Test                         7,28

Average: 72.8                                                          


  1. *Katherine Breiner Pirata XXXIII

FEI 6 Year Olds Test                         6.64

Average: 66.40        



Para Equestrian      

 Susan Treabess                     Kamiakin

FEI Grade IV Team                70.079

FEI Grade IV Individual        69.563

Average: 69.821      




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