ANCCE has posted the PDF file for New Rules and Regulations for PRE Mares and Stallions at Conformation-Functunality Competitions.   Look for Competitions on the ANCCE web site to read the 2015 Conformation Competition Rules & Regulations. These Rules and Regulations provide all the necessary information to govern such competitions in an effort to improve general operations so that they are more efficient. Among the latest incorporations into these new Rules & Regulations are the competition categories, the incorporation of Functionality judges and the need to classify horses prior to participating in the Spanish National Championship Final at SICAB 2015, among other aspects. All aspects have been drafted under strict criteria of judges in an effort to attain consensus, justice and transparency. Should you have any queries or need clarification, please e-mail the ANCCE Competition Department at concursos@ancce.com or call +34 954689260 (option 2). [PDF] Read the full text: http://bit.ly/1IpbR03

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