Among other improvements, you may now change your password.

In the Private Zone for ANCCE members, a number of updates and changes have been incorporated.  Such improvements include grouping together businesses offering members discounts by categories, vectorized download of brands, a list of job openings and lastly, the option to change your password to access this area of the web site.

If you have forgotten your access info, send an email requesting the access codes using the simple form that you will find in the registration section.   Once you have the codes, you may access the “change your password” in the private area.

Remember that by changes your password, it will only affect your access to the Private Zone of the ANCCE web site.  This change DOES NOT affect your access to the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE) at www.lgancce.com.

The Private Zone seeks to benefit members of ANCCE so that they are the sole beneficiaries of the services offered in this section.   We will continue to keep you informed about the many advantages incorporated into this section.  


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