Spring Revision comes to a Close in South Florida

Spring Revision is complete.  The only process remaining is finalizing the results.  The Vet has returned to Spain and we extend a heartfelt thank you to her for her hard work.  This Revision was managed on a compressed scheduled, forcing us all to move from site to site in an organized manner, but leaving little time for missed connections.  Thank you to everyone who kept her (and us) on track and on time.

A special thank you to Ana Martin who is so helpful to our breeders in Southern California where the lion’s share of Revision takes place.   Between travel arrangements between cities, travel between farms, overnight stays, deadlines and check-ins, her assistance is invaluable to not only USPRE staff, but to our breeders.  

Already we have begun work on Fall Revision which starts on October 5th.  Do not wait for the deadline — get your paperwork in early.  As many of our breeders know, if you have questions or incomplete paperwork and information, this can hold up your horse being ready for Revision.  The deadline for Fall Revision will be posted later this spring.  




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