Wellington High Point Results

The scores are only going up! This past weekend at the Global Dressage Festival, 9 horse and rider pairs vied for the final USPRE High Point awards, with results exceeding 73% for not one, but two pairs. In the international classes, scores were close between three participants in the Young Rider and Prix St. George levels, and also a close contender in the Open FEI level. The Open Third Level class, however, was where the competition was the highest, with scores of 73.718 and 75.128!


Congratulations to the winners of the final Florida High Point Challenge of the 2015 Season. Grand Champions and dates for the California Series to be posted soon.


CDI Level: Vaquero HGF and Kerrigan Gluch      YR Team 67.625


Open FEI Levels:  Guadalupano and Allegra Hohm      Inter I 65.526 


Open National Levels:  Lucero Bello and Maya Markowski      Third Level Test 3 75.128




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