Report from the Minutes of the Breeders Executive Committee Meeting of November 8

BEC Fall meeting had a quorum with Ramiro Perez, Kay Greenbury, Alfredo Gonzalez, Tom Reed, and Betsy Ketcham present.

The meeting opened with the approval of minutes from the Spring meeting, followed by a discussion of the proposed candidates for the BEC election. Alfredo Gonzalez, Kay Greenbury and Ramiro Perez would like to remain on the BEC. Tom Reed, Rafael Madrigal and Betsy Ketcham prefer not to serve for the next term.. Bill Taylor, Adrienne LaFar, Doreen Kula and Sherry McGalliard would like to join the BEC for next year. We would like to thank all breeders on this first BEC for their service over the last two years and move forward with the following proposed slate of candidates:

Ramiro Perez, Hacienda de la Cruz

Alfredo Gonzalez, Rancho El Afortunudo

Kay Greenbury, Avalon Farms

Bill Taylor, Xavier Farms

Adrienne LaFar, Xavier Farms

Doreen Kula, Aisling Sport Horses

Sherry McGalliard, Epic Andalusians

We also discussed the successes of the BEC this year – show sponsorships for the CA and NV ANCCE shows, the TRC clinic series and TRC event, and the Born in America awards.   We discussed the upcoming SICAB and USPRE week events with the emphasis this coming year on Breeder information and education.


Betsy Ketcham

Vice President

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