November Featured Stallion: SICAB Champion FESTIVO MR

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Festivo MR is a Qualified (Reproductor Calificado) stallion imported from Spain in October 2011. He is a very exculsive PRE stallion, and an excellent choice for the discriminating breeder for several reasons – his bloodlines, movement, temperament, size, and the awards he’s won including Mejores Movimentos at SICAB and the DSHB open stallion class at Dressage at Devon make him the “complete package”:

–      At 17.1, he retains outstanding breed quality, harmony and confirmation, which he is passing on to his offspring.

–      His bloodlines are predominantly Yeguada Militar and Escalera. Lebrijano III is on both his dam and sire side – Lebrijano III is known as one of the most influential stallion for producing quality PREs with straight, dressage movement. His movement is big and very straight (no winging/paddling), and he has an excellent hind leg. He also has Vinatero III on his sire side. Vinatero III is one of Spain’s most famous bullfighting stallions and he was a foundation stallion for the renowned Escalera stud farm. Festivo also carries Paco Lazo bloodlines.

–      He is 3rd generation Qualified. 

Festivo MR


–      He won Best Movement (Mejores Movimentos) at many shows in Spain, the most notable being SICAB, section 10 in 2010.

–      He was 3rd (bronze) in the European PRE Championships in 2011.

–      He won the open DSHB stallion class (stallions 4 years old & older) at Dressage at Devon in 2012 against a large class of predominantly Dutch and German bred warmbloods. We’ve been told this is the first time a PRE won that class in Devon history but we have not independently verified that. He also won Dressage at Devon Reserve Champion Stallion; and GAIG Reserve Champion Stallion – Region 1, as well as multiple breed classes. He also won the DSHB class at the ERAHC Virginia Classic in 2012.

2009 offspring of Festivo MR, in Spain.



–      He is a proven sire of over 20 offspring which are chestnut, bay, and grey – he is passing his movement, size, and temperament (and a little white star!)

–      However – all of the notable breed characteristics aside, his temperament and trainability, hands down, have to be his best traits. He is an absolute sweetheart. He will try his heart out for you and he’s incredibly gentle. People have a hard time believing he’s a stallion. The people with Festivo offspring tell us his offspring have fabulous temperaments – they are very very sweet.

Festivo MR offspring.



–      Because of his training schedule, we are currently only offering frozen semen. We have had outstanding results with his frozen – there are several offspring both in the US and in Europe, all from frozen, including a successful embryo transfer and a 17 year old mare who settled on the first try.


–      He likes top 40s music including Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” and Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It” and “I Gotta Feeling”

–      He loves to show off for a crowd and when the mood strikes him, he will pose for pictures. In fact, several people at one of the barns he stayed at called him Fabio because of how he would make eye contact with them then purposefully flip his mane back. He also loves kids and is extremely gentle with them.

–      He typically attracts huge crowds and a lot of attention any time he goes anywhere because he has significant presence. People always ask us “what is he?!” or we hear people saying that as he goes by because of his size and movement. People who have seen pictures of him and then meet him for the first time say the pictures don’t do him justice.

Festivo MR and Doreen Kula


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