On October 10th, the ANCCE Executive Committee met at the main ANCCE offices, where the following agreements were reached: 


a) Stud Book Commission: it was agreed that until a specific Commission is appointed, the Executive Committee will assume all Stud Book responsibilities.  Meetings regarding Stud Book matters will be held separately from those of the Executive Committee.

b) An in-depth analysis will be performed, in conjunction with the ANCCE legal advisors, to discuss the suitability of womb rental, as a number of shortcomings have been observed with this practice. 

c) A Work Commission was created to develop specific regulations for PRE Stud Book operations abroad.  It includes the President, the 1st Vice President of ANCCE and the Stud Book Director.

2. SICAB 2014

a) SICAB will give priority to ANCCE Breeder Members: the Committee and the SICAB Commission wants ANCCE Members to have a series of visible privileges at the forthcoming edition of SICAB, with specific accreditation for ANCCE members, reserved seats, privileged access areas, etc. All of these advantages will be announced in due course.

b) Breeders will be offered the possibility of having boxes or pens in Pavilion 1, attending the demand for animal safety and welfare as formulated by many breeders. This year, the number of boxes available is limited, and will be assigned to breeders who have requested a box on the entry form, and following strict order of arrival and payment. 

c) In Pavilion 1, in addition to the Breeder Stands, a series of box seats will be reserved for ANCCE members, both in the bleacher area and at ground level around the arena.   Being an experimental endeavor for this year, the numbers are limited, and requests will be attended on first-come-first-serve bases. 

d) The boxes and pens for mares shall boast only ANCCE approved publicity and signs. All breeders will be provided with said publicity/signs by the organizers.   No other signs will be allowed.  The organizers shall remove all other publicity that fails to adapt to the established norm.

e) Registration fees for horses participating in SICAB will be published in due course.  Only those breeders will horses coming from outside of Spain, and who provide the corresponding proof, will enjoy a 50% discount on the fee.

f) Regarding Breeder Stands: no stand may be more than thirty (30) cm, above ground level. 

g) At the finals for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, the participating horses belonging to breeders who are not members of ANCCE are only eligible to 50% of the monetary award granted for the classification earned.  Members of ANCCE shall receive the full amount as established by the Rules and Regulations. 


a) At SICAB this year, there will be three international Dressage judges who are not from Spain.  Once all tests have concluded, riders, owners and trainers who so desire, may meet with the judges for an educational-informative meeting.   

b) All possibilities to promote participation—essentially among Association members—will be studied for the 2015 ANCCE Cup.


a) It has been agreed to create a specific Commission in such a way that there is no effective chairmanship, given the importance of the matters to be faced in the future: rules and regulations, organization of  judges, etc.  

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