Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

The USPRE Annual Member Meeting will be held at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, at 1 PM in Boot Barn Room C. USPRE encourages all members to attend. See Meeting Agenda below.


United States PRE Association

Annual Member Meeting

September 26, 2014

Southpoint Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas


  1. Introduction and Roll Call
  1. Report of the President and Vice Presidents
    1. Board and Management Committee Report (2013 Activities)
    2. New Programs in 2014

                                               i.     TRC

                                              ii.     Copa USPRE

                                            iii.     Stallion Directory

                      3. ANCCE/USPRE Update

                      4. BEC Elections, December 2014

  1. Report of the Executive Director
    1. Membership Update
    2. USPRE Week in January, 2015
  1. Report of the Director of Operations
    1. Fall Revision
    2. LG Updates
  1. Q and A
  1. Adjourn







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