1st Day for Dressage at the 2014 World Equestrian Games

This morning gave way to the official commencement of the Dressage Grand Prix at the World Equestrian Games, taking place in Normandy (France).  Off the 100 participants registered for the event, 48 took to the arena, including a Purebred Spanish Horse known as Norte Lovera, owned by Yeguada Lovera and ridden by José Antonio García Mena.  They entered the arena at 11:55, to hold their own in fourth place, with an average of 72.414%.

 Another 24 participants have yet to perform throughout the day, but the score earned by PRE Norte Lovera is noteworthy.  He performed a clean test, showing an excellent and expressive stride in trot, a very regular passage and fluid transitions into walk.

 The field judge scored the horse/rider as follows:

Judge C (president): Stephen CLARKE – 73.300      
Judge H: Elizabeth MC MULLEN – 71.400        
Judge C (president): Stephen CLARKE  – 73.300     
Judge M: Francis VERBEEK – 74.000
Judge E: Isabelle JUDET – 73.300                                   
Judge B: Dietrich PLEWA – 71.400 
Judge K: Susan HOEVENAARS – 71.300                                               
Judge F: Liselotte FORE – 71.200 

 Another horse and rider—PRE Grandioso III, owned by Hampton Green Farm, bred by Yeguada Marín García and ridden by José Daniel Martín Dockx are expected to hit the arena tomorrow, August 26th at 14:03. 

 All classifications earned by horses/riders participating in the Grand Prix today and tomorrow will go towards the team results. We will keep you posted about all of the WEG participants representing the Purebred Spanish Horse as a breed.  Updated information will be available on the ANCCE web site (www.ancce.com) and on facebook and twitter.

 Moreover, you can follow the results of all participants by going to this link: http://www.normandy2014.com/live/2/dressageand watch today’s Dressage events on Eurosport (from Spain) as of 1:00 pmtomorrow afternoon (UTC+1).

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